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We deliver what matters

Competence is necessary, but never sufficient. This is why we strive continuously to be more than theoretically proficient lawyers, and offer our clients practical and innovative solutions.

Experience turns knowledge into wisdom

We take pride in putting together a remarkable team of legal talent, with comprehensive large firm experience. Our combined expertise and knowledge allow us to offer wise solutions to our clients.

We teamwork with our clients

Our policy is to keep clients very closely involved in all strategic and budgetary decisions throughout the development of a case.



to Tanasescu & Gavrila

In order to gain a key competitive advantage, it is imperative to receive outstanding, well-rounded assistance.

There are two sources where you can find it: in most of the cases, the best choice is a large multifaceted law firm.


There are areas though, such as litigation, where the personal traits, more than the knowledge and experience, of the lawyer make the difference between winning and losing. Such rather rare distinctive lawyers can be found teamed-up in small-sized but highly specialized law firms (boutiques).


After having acquired a broad experience within large firms, where they handled extremely complex files, our lawyers decided to put together their individual expertise with the aim to deliver reliable specialized services in a different manner, more appropriate both for clients’ needs and each lawyer’s profile.